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Hood Up Films has been producing filmed drama for many years, writing, producing and directing projects for distribution and release. Films from Hood Up Films have appeared and won awards at major film festivals, such as the Venice film festival, Montreal, L.A, New York, Edinburgh – as well as all Irish festivals, such as Galway, Dublin, Cork, and Kerry. Hood Up Films have also worked with distribution companies such as 88 Films (UK), Wild Eye Releasing (USA) and Metrodome (UK)

O U R   S E R V I C E S


With over 30 projects in music videos and commercials we can offer help in getting your story or advertisement you want told to the screen by helping you with your treatment ideas, production, writing, casting, principal photography aswell as post-production.


If you would like to hire Hood Up Films for an upcoming project please contact us today

                                                                I N V E S T M E N T S

Why Invest in a Movie?

A movie is the best investment you can make for the up-side potential vs. the risk. They're better than real estate, gold, silver, precious stones, income-producing rental properties, futures, treasuries, international currencies . . .


There is no business with manufacturing capital entry requirements as low as motion pictures where the potential return can be as unlimited over the short, medium and long terms.


For instance, a movie such as American Graffiti, costing as little as $777,000 to produce, earned $140,000,000 and it does not stop earning money - for a lifetime.


Why Independent Movies?

Comparing The Blair Witch Project to Paranormal Activity or El Mariachi to The Passion of the Christ might seem like an all but futile endeavor.


But one thing that all four of these films have in common is they are independent feature film, commonly known as indie films. Movies such as these present a unique opportunity for investors to get involved with a creative project and see their names up on the big screen.


Indie films are often seen as more artsy or edgy than major studio productions. They are shown around the world at festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival,  Cannes Film Festival or Berlin Film Fest. Particularly worthy projects are sometimes purchased by major studios for distribution. Indie films are funded with the producers' own money, through loans, or with the help of private investors or branded sponsors.


What other benefits will our investors get?

The honour of an opening and end credit in the film (also as “Executive Producer” – dependent on the amount invested)

Tickets to the premiere of the film and Red Carpet

Invitations to be extras on one of the filming days on set

Invitations to Award Ceremonies when the film is nominated

Interviews and video comments as “Producer” with the Media and DVDs Extra contents included

Signed Posters, Photos and DVD copies from the stars of the film once filming is completed


.If you would like to hire Hood Up Films for an upcoming project please contact us today

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